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Blue Jeans and a Flannel shirt on a rainy day.

After we moved from Harmon Ave. things changed pretty quickly. What seemed like some small activity going on at the old house turned into a daily performance at the new one. I don’t know if our old “friend” from the past residence followed us or if this was a whole new ballgame. Whatever the case, weirdness definitely ensued.

My mom was gone for the day, and I was downstairs watching “Hook,” with my new boyfriend. The movie blared through the speakers and the fights echoed from the surround sound speakers. After the movie left us in silence we discovered we were not alone. Just like in the old house, it sounded like someone was upstairs running around right above our heads. I was used to it, he, not so much. There was a tramping around that caused such a racket that I had to go up and investigate it. 

He looked at me oddly as someone was seemingly being tackled in the bedroom upstairs. I laughed and told him it was nothing. But the distinct sound of footsteps could not be ignored. He implored me with his eyes, so I had to erect myself from the sofa to prove to him that it was, in fact nothing. Nobody was playing a joke on us, all that we’d find would be air. 

I took the steps two at a time and opened the door at the top which led into my mom’s bedroom. He crept up slowly behind me and slid up next to my side as if I’d offer some protection from our eerie counterpart. His fingers wrapped tightly around my shoulder to the point where I had to ask him to stay in the hall way. The crashes from the bedroom were indescribable, but I was so used to this that I was not afraid. I opened the door and the room fell silent.

As I walked in there was nothing out of place, just as I knew there wouldn’t be. He was trembling, as he stepped over the divide from the safety of the hallway. He stayed there where I’d asked him to as he watched me look around. I raised my arms to his quizzical expression and shrugged. “Told ya.” I laughed out. He was not amused.

Over time small things happened, but as usual nothing bad, and the presence never felt evil or harmful in any way. It was mischievous at times though. In the living room is a small hand made glass swan on a mirror. It sat in the middle of a table, until it decided to move one day. My mom went downstairs to her swan because the mirror was now touching the wall, and so was the beak of the swan. She yelled for me, “Beth! What’s the deal?” I had no clue what she was talking about so I went into the living room to join her.

She motioned me over to the table, and we had talked of a ghost many times, so she thought I was pulling one over on her! She gestured to the swan and again said, “What’s the deal with this?” I laughed and assured her I had nothing to do with this little figure’s plight across the table. Well, she didn’t believe me, and became irritated with me. She gave up the fight, and moved the swan and mirror back to it’s rightful place.

The next morning, that little swan again decided to travel to a new piece of real estate. This pattern kept up for months. Every day we’d go down and find it in the same place with it’s shiny beak caressing the whiteness of the wall. Finally mom gave up. She stopped playing this game, and left the swan where she found it. We would check on it sometimes out of curiosity to see if the location had changed, but the only difference is that the swan itself would be moved around to face different things. Once it stopped moving altogether mom moved it back to the original spot, and it never moved again. 

Those years of living there were very odd. When I moved out on my own it increased at my mom’s house. I guess it was upset I left or something. The t.v. in my old bedroom would turn itself on and off, and it would BLARE out as loud as it could go. Mom still made up excuses for these things and blamed it on a short in the tv. She unplugged it. She also started noticing smells that would waft up from nowhere. The range was from perfume, food and finally the stench of death. 

I had some personal things occur and had to move back home. Once I came back it was like the icing on the cake. The t.v. in my room started having a mind of it’s own again, and in the middle of the night it would turn on, turn off… turn on, change through channels, increase in volume, turn off.. turn on… etc. Finally I got so frustrated I yelled out, “OK! I’m awake!! Enough already!!! Please stop, I’m trying to sleep and I have to be up early!” The t.v. shut off, and I didn’t have many problems with it again after that. 

Slowly things started calming down around the house and we even joked that our ghost must have moved out. Only about 3 other things happened after the small stuff that was pretty memorable. We had a recorder on our phone, and every time you’d pick up the phone it would start recording as soon as the dial tone was heard. Well this will tell you how dated this story is…. haha, I had just gotten home from my 3rd shift job and picked up the phone to check the messages on my PAGER…yes, I said it.. pager. 

Well on the tape you could hear all of this, but also a voice came across very distinctly that said, “I love my baby.” My mom called this to my attention again and asked if me I’d had someone with their baby over that early in the morning. When i looked at her puzzled, she showed me that. I was very unnerved, because I didn’t hear a thing when I had called to listen to my messages.

The next was on a day when my mom called me in a very frightened tone. She asked me where I was and if I was ok. I assured her I was fine and asked her what was going on. She told me that she heard someone speak in her ear as she lay in bed and it said, “Bye, Bye.” She immediately got a bad feeling and called those who were close to her. Oddly enough this is when almost everything had stopped. 

The final event is one of the most fantastic events besides seeing “Ray” that I’ve ever had. I had moved out again by this time and was leaving. I could see into the kitchen, and my mom was actually facing me. We were mid sentence when we both stopped talking. The look on her face was priceless. She turned her head as if in a movie, and I felt it too. I looked up and into the kitchen to see a man in a Flannel shirt and blue jeans. There was nothing scary or even crazy about his actions. He simply walked across the kitchen and towards the living room. 

My eyes watched & my mom’s head turned to see this adult male walk across the kitchen as if he belonged there. My mouth fell open. “YOU SAW HIM TOO!!!” she shrieked at me… “I”M NOT CRAZY!!” I stammered, “Uh… no you definitely aren’t crazy because I just saw a man walk through the kitchen.” My stepdad was in the living room watching t.v at the time, and heard us. We asked him if he’d seen the man come out of the kitchen and he looked at us like we were nuts!

It was such a neat experience, but it has left me with many questions. So, my search for knowledge continues on :) Thanks for reading. 

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Night Jogger

This is just a short one today… I’ll give your eyes a rest. :) 

night jogger

We were all dolled up for a night of dancing. Our hair was perfect and makeup in tact. It was Wednesday night and we were headed to our favorite bar of choice to dance the night away. The car rolled along with loud music playing songs we hoped to hear in the club. It was blaring out the windows with us singing along. 

We were laughing and carrying on when we came up the crest of a hill and saw a jogger running towards us. He was in red shorts and a white t-shirt bouncing towards us. We joked as we came upon him because neither of us had jogged a day in our lives and he must be dedicated to run at night like this. It didn’t strike us that maybe he was running because it was cooler at night.. duh. 

We passed him by and waved being silly like young girls do. He didn’t acknowledge us and we both laughed, but looked back behind us to see why he ignored us. As I braked and we glanced back, her looking out the rear window and me in the rearview mirror, he vanished. I stopped the car. We looked at each other, and without a word I turned the car around.. Nothing. We saw him dissolve before our eyes, but we looked for every explanation we could find. There were none. 

We drove to the club with the music still blaring but not a word was spoken between us for the rest of the drive. 

In the still or not so still of the night…

It’s almost that time of year… The leaves are starting ever so slightly to hint at the colors to come from their passing of the season. There is a light chill starting to electrify the air and I may even grab my jacket to go out in the evenings. The hype is starting up and next month will be full of ghosts and goblins in different sets and scenarios. The darkness somehow becomes more ominous in the months of September & October. Axe Murderers and Vampires run amok with children and adults screaming in terror or delight to get away from these “monsters.” I love Halloween, and all the festivities, but those haunts are not the particular ones I’ll be writing about today. 
I’m going to write about the odd & unexplainable but most importantly the things that I have been able to figure out as a normal occurance. When I go to a place in search of something, I never plan on seeing anything. Sometimes I have stories to report and most times other than the architecture and the company I bring along there is nothing else worthy to mention. 

Why do I believe in this stuff, you’re probably asking. Well, in most of the cases I’ve come across with others… something has occurred in their life that is perhaps, unexplainable and they want to learn more. Searching for the paranormal once you’ve seen something is an unquenchable thirst. You want knowledge, and to know WHAT it was exactly that you’d seen and why. Well, I can tell you right now that I don’t have either of those answers and probably never will. I have been a believer in such things since I was a child. But, I started seeing things that others didn’t see at a very young age. 
Some of the things I saw or heard when I was a child I can now explain away, and I will get into that in my future posts. But, some of them I cannot and neither can the others that were involved. Why do some of us witness these odd events and many others do not? That I don’t know either, but I’m happy that I’m one of the ones who can! For my skeptics, I know there will be plenty and that’s fine.. I welcome you as well, if you can come up with ideas of what really happened in some of these stories I’m going to post then I’m all for it. :)
In my next post I’ll tell you about my first bout of experiences and in the future I’ll tell you of the places I’ve traveled and what my opinion of the place is, and if I plan on returning. If anyone who reads this is interested in coming with us on some of these trips let me know and I’ll get a group together. If we get enough people together we can do a private tour overnight of most of these places. For now I’d like to keep it to the United States because it’s more cost effective than traveling outside the country, but hopefully in the future we can expand. And, if you’ve already gone to the place I post about, please share your opinions so I know where to rank it on my list of places to go! 
Thanks for reading and I’ll post again soon! 

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