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Quick update! I have a website for Para Adventures!

So sorry for the delay guys!! I have actually started my website and will continue to post my blog on there as well. If you’d like to continue reading or are interested in our overnight tours please check us out at I appreciate all of you reading.. It means so much that people are interested in my numerous adventures :) Thank you all, and let me know what you think of the new site!! It will still have stories of my personal experiences and the results of our overnights. If you have a place you’ve always wanted to spend the night let me know!! Maybe we’ll book a trip there in the near future! :)


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Next Overnight at The Loveland Castle!!

Hey ghosties! Our next overnight trip is set up! We are heading to the Loveland Castle (in Loveland, Ohio.) For those of you far away, no worries we will be heading all over the place in no time! 

Take a step back in time! 

Don’t be surprised if a knight strolls out to greet you on this visit. This castle is actually a replica hand built by a man with a big dream. He passed away before the completion of his labor of love so it’s no wonder he’d still roam the halls. When you drive down the steep hill to this humble abode, you will be amazed by the architecture that stands in front of you. 

Creek rocks, mortar, empty bottles and milk cartons were some of the components used to build this beauty! Walk the narrow corridors and wander down the winding staircases of this castle in search of Sir Harry Andrew into the wee hours of the night.

Tickets are $50 for an overnight stay with some new friends and perhaps even Sir Harry and some of his spectral friends.

Check out our webpage for more details. You can purchase a ticket from the site as well as sending an email about any questions you may have as well. We hope to see you there! Happy Hunting!


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Details about our trip to the Sedamsville Rectory!

(All photos courtesy of Alexis Fortuna Caoili, suitcase was taken by Erin Leigh Stilwell.)

I was running late and speeding along Route 50 to get to the Rectory after work. In my haste and blew past the little side street that my destination was on. I saw the small park on my right and cursed under my breath. I looked all over the place to turn around after that park, and finally some run down old building provided the solace I needed. I whipped my little car into the driveway and then backed out onto the street without hitting any pedestrians, cars or trees. 

The sun was still brightly shining as I arrived and two of my friends were already there waiting for me. I parked my car in between the Rectory and the old dying church.As I got out of the car I could almost feel the sadness rolling off that church, as it sits in it’s 20+ years of neglect.

I brushed it off for now and ran up to the huge wrap around porch to greet my friends. We decided to wait until everyone had arrived before we actually got comfy in the old Rectory. 

The building itself is a work in progress, and it is turning out to be a beautiful place. It is a labor of love for those doing the work and you can tell. As we walked into the back door, we were greeted by the freshly cleaned red carpet, and natural woodwoork throughout.

The kitchen is currently being rennovated, and it’s here where you can see the hard work that has gone into this place. The old walls are still untouched in sections and the new walls and work are not even a comparison. 

This is absolutely the nicest place I’ve had the pleasure of exploring. There is furniture in almost every room. The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, water and some treats! If you want to actually sleep overnight there are even a couple of beds and a giant comfy couch. We felt very welcome as we entered the old Rectory that night.

On the night before a friend and I took a sneak peak of the place with the nicest folks I’ve met in this industry to date. They showed us around and told us the history of the place and their experiences. Neither of them believed in ghosts until they got this project and so many things have happened that it’s unexplainable to them and left them searching for answers. 

One of the rooms upstairs contains a suitcase and a rocking chair. They refer to this room lovingly as, “The Creepy Room”. They just have a feeling of dread when they enter this room and don’t like going into it alone. As I walked in initially I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, but did notice blue tape on either side of the suitcase. They began to tell us that the suitcase apparently has a mind of it’s own and likes to move from it’s resting spot. They put the tape there to mark whether it had moved or not. 

This place is much bigger than I had initially thought, and we did have a few experiences..

As the sun set we broke off into two groups. The lights were flipped off and we were guided by only a small beam directed to the floor from our flashlights. My group was downstairs in the kitchen trying to do an EVP session & the other group was upstairs in the servants quarters. The place was quiet, all except for the grumbling of our stomachs. We sat there asking questions in hopes of a silent response, that our recorders would pick up… The group upstairs started shuffling around, and made their way back down to us. We all went outside to wait for the pizza delivery person to quell that growling we were hearing, so that we could potentially hear the growl of an otherworldly kind.

Once the pizza arrived we all headed back into the kitchen to enjoy our feast and we talked about the night so far. When everyone’s hunger was satiated we decided to join forces and conquer the creepy room as a single group. We went back into pitch dark and headed up the stairs together.

We were all still laughing and joking a bit because of the dinner conversations. First we went to the priest’s room at the top of the stairs, but soon grew bored of that and headed to the room we all wanted to be in. 

As we walked in, a couple of our flashlights hit the spot where the suitcase was supposed to be. There was about a half foot distance that it had been moved. We all looked at each other bewildered and were making sure we had all been accounted for. We moved it back to it’s rightful place and sat there staring at it for the next half hour or so. Needless to say when you’re right there staring at it, it never does what you’re hoping for. So we gave up and left that room alone for awhile. 

After awhile of searching the Rectory, we decided to brave the church. Now, keep in mind this church is falling apart as I’d said in the beginning.. so we had to be extremely careful going in, especially in the dark. The floor is falling in and everything so it’s not dangerous because of anything paranormal, but it is treacherous. We led our group in one by one. We huddled together in the dark and used only one flashlight once we were inside. Now, we have a rule in ghost hunting.. if something tells us to get out, we go. 

Nothing physically told us to leave, but man the place was overpowering. I don’t scare easily and neither does the friend that I do this stuff with.. but even the two of us couldn’t stand to stay in there long. I don’t know if it was the threat of a potential squatter coming out, or something else.. but that place felt.. off. That’s the best way to describe it. 

All in all the Rectory was a great place to explore, and we will definitely be heading back in the fall. Next time we hope even more things happen and we are very excited to share these places with all of you. You can check out our website now to book a trip with us, or email us for more information. Till next time ghosties!

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The Haunted Rectory- Purchase your tickets now!

To drive by this location you’d never have a clue what stories lie just behind it’s doors. It’s a simple enough building, red bricks adorn the outside and it boasts 4 levels of haunted adventures. If you didn’t know better you’d simply pass by thinking it was a charming old house with a wrought iron fence surrounding it’s grounds, but I know better.

This building is over 130 years old and has seen it’s fair share of residents. There have been several deaths onsite and some odd circumstances were involved with at least two of the bodies that were found on the outside of the building. Both a grown man and a small child’s body were discovered at different times in front of the building, but even more odd is that there was a noose around the child’s neck. 

Father Donald McLeod lived in the rectory and was actually killed a short distance away by a train. He was leaving his home to tend to some ill patrons of his church and was struck in the darkness & killed instantly.

On June 18th, 2011 I will walk in those doors with 12 people to spend the night in this very active building. We will arrive at 5:00 pm and have the rare opportunity to explore this vast building in the daylight hours before darkness even sets in. Once everyone has arrived I will divulge more of the historical aspect of this beautiful place and some of the tragedy that has occurred in the surrounding area. 

As soon as the sun sets things will become more interesting.. It will be lights out. Flashlights are the only lights allowed! If you are interested in being one of the 12 to stroll through the past in this elegant building email me quickly as the tickets are going fast. I just posted this today and only have 6 spots left and tickets are available only on a first come first serve basis. 

To purchase your tickets, email me at or give me a call at: 513-439-0444. 


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You’re looking for a home, this will be your first home so you’re obviously excited. You call an agent to help you with the search, because you’ve already got your dream house pictured in your mind. Large back yard, maybe a white picket fence and thoughts of tulips freshly planted in that lovely flower bed in your imaginary front yard. There will be windows so large that light will pour in as the sun starts to rise. It’ll kiss your eye lids in the morning and greet you with it’s warmth. And that is only the start to the criteria planned for your dream home.

A smile forms on your face whenever you think of this future home and all the joy it will bring you. You have your agent’s number on speed dial and he is looking through all the listings with the tight specifications you’d mentioned. You’ve gone to look at several and none were “just right.” Today He comes across a listing he is sure you’ll love. He picks up the phone, and realizes with trepidation that this particular home has a dark history. He waits for you to answer, and gives you a brief description of the home, leaving out only one pertinent detail for now.

You can hardly wait to see this home because you just know that today could be your day. You meet him at his office and a smile beams across your face as he walks out with his briefcase and car keys in hand. He extends a warm hand out to you and you grasp his hand to meet his handshake. You tell him, “If this home is as great as you say it is, I’ll be forgoing the handshake and giving you a huge hug!!” As the two of you climb into his freshly cleaned car he starts to tell you about the home he’s taking you to.

The scenery is a blur to you right now as the car is in motion, because you are too excited about what’s coming. You remember a right turn into a quaint little neighborhood. The street is lined with trees and there are happy children playing in one of the yards as you pass. At the stop sign the car turns right onto a cul de sac. Your heart quickens it’s pace when you notice the dead end street.

You think to yourself, “I’m going to sleep so much better without all the cars driving by.” He stops in front of a large two story home. The back yard spans all the way out to a small pond and you notice a little boat house butting up to the water. He leads you through the white picket fence… and there are those tulips you’d dreamt about swaying in the wind. The picture in front of you looks like a masterpiece. A large white house with black shutters and all those flowers throwing colors all around. There is a looming weeping willow just begging for you to sit under it with a book and you silently add that to a to do list that’s starting to form in your head.

You love the house already and you’ve not even stepped inside. As you walk up to the door, you notice the two huge windows up above. As he notices your loving glance upward he says, “Those are the windows to the master bedroom…” You’re already picturing the sun kissed mornings and your smile can’t be stopped. He punches the code in the door and turns the knob. 

Inside there are fresh hard wood floors and the smell of a brand new paint job. The place is in pristine condition. You want this house… there is no doubt about it. He leads you through each room and tells you about the neighborhood, the features you’d told him to find and you are scarcely hearing any of what he’s saying because you are too busy placing the furniture & picking out paint colors in your mind.

As he goes on about the house, one word catches your attention. “Stigmatized.” You abruptly stop next to him,and look at him blankly as if he’d stepped on your foot without apologizing. “Wha, what does that mean?” You know a word like that can’t be anything good… 

"Well, I didn’t know if I should even bring you to this home, but it has everything you want and the price is way below the market value. However there is a reason for that. I must tell you that there was a mass murder committed in the home." It takes a moment to register.. You think of how amazing this home is, how beautiful it is now, that tree you’ve mentally promised to sit under and they all start melting together. You’re not even sure what to ask at this point. The agent looks at you expectantly. 

Silence ensues. Finally he speaks up, “The father of the family who lived here sort of went crazy. They aren’t sure what the motive was, but he shot his wife, and drowned his two children in the bathtub. Once he was finished he tried to burn the house down so he wouldn’t get caught for the crimes. He tried to stage it as a robbery.”

More silence, at least verbally.. As he’s telling you the story the images are flying through your mind. How horrible, that large bathroom that you fell in love with is the place two small children took their last gasping breath. The bedroom upstairs reeked of new smells. The paint and the carpet had been replaced. It now occurred to you why everything seemed so fresh and clean. You feel sick.. You want to go outside to get some fresh air..

Now my question to you.. Would you buy this home? If it had everything you’d ever wanted and then some. The economy is rough, and this house is way below the market value and the other houses on the street are selling for much higher due to the stigmatic status of this home. Even if there was nothing paranormal in nature going on, could you still live in the home? Some states are not even permitted to tell you if a home is stigmatized. So say you did move in, and then found out the grisly situation. How would you handle it?

Now a step further.. You do your own research on the home, and find that people are talking about the grisly scene and they all believe it’s haunted.. Would you want to live there knowing this? 

Just some random thoughts I had today and wanted to get the thoughts of others!

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Dead Woman Walking…

Nursing homes have scared me from a very young age. I’m not sure why, but even as a young child they have exuded sadness and angst. Maybe I was aware that the elderly stayed here as a rest home… but for their final resting. Twisted and gnarled fingers would outstretch towards me as I hovered close to my mom through the foyer. The glass doors offered no safety, only a clear vision of what was to come. 

I would seldom venture from my mom’s side because I didn’t know why these wrinkled people with the sad eyes wanted to reach out to me. Tears fell on the pink cheeks of one lady as she peered at me over her blanket. My eyes would burn at the site of this, even though I didn’t know what was truly going on. My mom worked here, and although it was usually a quick trip through those glass doors to pick up a check, and then back out, the trail of death lingered near me long enough to cause goosebumps on my flesh.

I know today that those people were simply lonely, and didn’t see children very often anymore. They simply wanted a bridge of communication, that at the time I was not able to offer. I remember my mom coming home exhausted from her shift, and telling me the stories of how the day went. Most of them were typical, Mrs. Smith didn’t want to eat today, Henry didn’t want to shower, and Ms. Tydel was having a rough day and crying so she’d hugged her close to offer her support. My mom is a very caring woman, and she treated her patients with a huge heart, so not all of her stories were typical, or happy.

The day started off like any other, and as mom was doing her daily rounds nothing was out of the ordinary. Ms. Tydel had been sick on and off though, and she was really worried about her. She checked on her in the morning and the lady seemed lethargic, and generally unmoving. Mom walked back at the end of her shift and sat with her for a little bit. Ms. Tydel was responsive, but I think my mom knew that her time was coming. She didn’t want to leave her side in case something happened, but she also knew she had a daughter to pick up from the sitters house. 

She grasped Ms. Tydel’s withered old hand and the lady gently squeezed back. She spoke of days past, and mom listened intently. Suddenly the air shifted and mom said she felt an electric feeling in the air.. that was the best way to describe it. Ms. Tydel screamed, and said, “Get that man out of here!!” Adrenaline must have surged through her body because the grip on my mom’s hand tightened and pulled her closer to her bedside. 

Mom’s eyes widened as she looked into the corner Ms. Tydel was flailing her free hand towards. She couldn’t see anything. She tried to calm the woman down but it was to no avail. Ms. Tydel continued to scream, and several other nurses came running down the hall to see what the commotion was. She dropped Mom’s hand and threw both of her hands outstretched in front of her. She was yelling at an uforseen man that was coming towards her.

She bellowed out to noone in particular, but to everyone at the same time, “Don’t let him take me away! Please, won’t someone stop him!! Get that man out of here! Get him out of my room!!! No!!!! Stop!!!!”

The staff stood motionless and with their mouths agape for a moment, and then several ran over to calm the screaming woman. She flailed her whole body around, and then the room stood still. With her eyes wide and her mouth still agape. She stopped breathing, and left this life behind. My mom ran back to her side and grabbed her hand and ran her fingers across her forehead. She was totally bewildered, but stood next to her old patient as the nurses got everything ready for the morgue.

My mom isn’t one for story telling, and after she told me she was still visibly shaken. I remember feeling bewildered and amazed myself after she told me the story, and my search into the paranormal and the afterlife was reemphasized. When we die, does Michael really come to get us, or someone in general? Or, was she just seeing things in her last moments that were only hallucinations? 

I’m not sure, but that’s what I’m working on finding the answers to. 

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The birth of Para-Adventures!!!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been awhile since my last post. But I didn’t leave so long without reason. I have finally decided to start the company that I dream about even when I’m awake. When I talk about it, I can feel the adrenaline surge through my body from the excitement. I tell everyone whether they want to hear it or not… sorry… but get used to it. :) 

What is this super awesome idea that you speak of Beth?? Well, I have combined my love for travel and the paranormal. Para-Adventures is going to be a shot for those who’ve always wanted to tour the places they see on t.v. I will get my groups into the places for a private tour. Transportation and sometimes, depending on how far away, accommodations, will always be included in the cost of the tickets.

I’ve toured a few places and I can tell you first hand I am excited for you to see these places but also myself as well. You see, most of the spots that we will go to do not let you wander off alone. They keep you in a large group to explore a place section by section. Well, in my book that’s not what ghost hunting is all about! It’s pretty difficult to get an accurate EVP if there are 100 other people in the room with you. Sorta takes the wind out of your sails. I will tell you about the history on the way to the place we are exploring, and then you’re on your own! I will always provide the info on what to bring, how to dress, etc.

Although the company is in it’s infancy, I have the first trip planned! We will be heading to The Mansfield Reformatory! I have been to this beautiful building and it is absolutely breathtaking. I posted a blog a little while back with more detailed information on the facility. I will update soon with the date and the price!! But get ready and let me know if you have an interest in going. Great things are coming so keep your eyes open! Please spread the word… Whoever signs up the most people will get to go for FREE!! (There is a minimum of 5 people.. to get the free trip.) 

I ran over the same dog…twice!

I was weary from a night of arguing with my boyfriend. By this time it was near 2:00 a.m. and I had school the next morning. My eyes were still wet with the tears left from the wounds his words had left and my heart was heavy. The drive home was taken all by back roads and the trees loomed overhead. I weaved my car through the twists and turns as carefully as I could. 

I hadn’t gone this way very often, but I felt it may be shorter and my bed was calling my name by this point. The radio was playing a soft melody and echoed how I felt in my heart. I was pondering over the hurtful things he’d said, and although I was being careful, maybe I wasn’t paying as much attention to the road as I should have been. 

The windows were down to let the chilly air blow in my face. I don’t know if I did it more to ease the tears, or to keep myself awake. Maybe a bit of both…

Ahead of me was an overpass and a sharp curve that came up once you passed under it. To the left was an old house that was tucked away in the trees. It had a gravel driveway that twisted up to it’s old porch. A parking lot was across the street with a small building that sat in the corner. It was sort of a rural area so not much else was close by for a few minutes at least. 

I was approaching the overpass and hit the brakes to get ready for the curve I was anticipating. Once I came through I heard the sound of a large dog barking so I rode my brakes. Almost immediately the bark was followed by the dog itself, and it was running right at my car from the darkness. I slammed my foot down on the pedal to stop as he made a bee line for my car, but it was too  late. 

I had hit the brakes so hard my car slid. I screamed into the darkness as I realized what had happened, and that I probably just killed someone’s pet. I started trembling uncontrollably and the waterworks started up even stronger than before. The idea of not being good enough for the one I loved hurt, but at that moment thoughts of  a small child losing her beloved pet haunted me more. 

I pulled the car over, and thought maybe I got lucky because I didn’t hear anything when he went under my car. But, I couldn’t shake the thought that I was probably going to witness the dead or injured body of this poor dog. I stepped one foot gingerly onto the blacktop of the road, and put some weight on it to make myself get out of the car. 

As I put the other foot out and lifted myself up I felt sick. I didn’t dare look back yet. I closed the door, but not enough that the dome light would turn out. I wanted the dim light that it would offer in the still of this night. I walked to the road looking for a mass, and there was none. I started to worry at that point. I thought, “Oh God, I’ve injured him and he’s hobbled off somewhere to die!!!” I had to find him. 

I walked up and down that road, and even went into the field a small ways to see if I could see him, but he was nowhere to be found. I got back into my car and drove up and down the small section of the street shining my lights over everything, and still nothing. I was a mess. I pulled in the small parking lot and sat in my car crying. I cried over the dog, over the things I’d been through that night, and for a family I didn’t even know! I sat there for awhile wondering if I should wake up the family and tell them, or come back the next day to give them a restful night of sleep.

After a few minutes of this I heard the barking of a large dog… I turned my head but couldn’t see anything. So, I turned on the car and pulled to the driveway of the small parking lot. I listened for a few more minutes and I heard it again. It was very distinct in the silence that this was a large dog barking. In my mind I said.. “Maybe they had two dogs?” 

Well, the same dog walked right across the street at the end of the drive way. I was stunned… How in the world had I not killed him? He didn’t appear to be injured or anything. What in the world?? I started to get out of the car, but thought better of it, in case he wasn’t as friendly as I’d hoped. I slowly pulled out of the driveway and made a right turn onto the main road hoping he wouldn’t try to chase my car again. 

A year later my cousin and I were coming home from a night out and we took the same way back to the house. We laughed about the night and how much fun we’d had and the overpass came to sight. I automatically slowed down in case my old canine friend was out again. After we passed through there was no sign of him so I sped up, and wouldn’t you know it.. that darn dog came running up next to us in the car. I tried to speed up but he gave chase and wouldn’t give up. I slowed down and that darn dog ran in front of me AGAIN!! I immediately pulled into the parking lot across the street and my cousin and I were both scared that I’d hit him. We got out, went into the street to look, and nothing, once again. 

We got into the car, and I told her the story of how all this happened to me the year before and that it was odd that the very same thing happened again. We pulled out of the lot and started driving and the dog showed up again! I was a little unnerved so I hit the gas. The dog stayed right there with us, and then he gained the lead and literally vanished. It was crazy… I stopped the car in the middle of the road, and my cousin and I just looked at each other. She yelled, “GO!!!!” at me and that was all I needed.

My foot hit the gas, and we got out of there. I went down the road a few other times, but since those two times I’ve not seen the dog again. Maybe one of these nights I’ll try it again soon to see if I can find my old friend. :) 

Blue Jeans and a Flannel shirt on a rainy day.

After we moved from Harmon Ave. things changed pretty quickly. What seemed like some small activity going on at the old house turned into a daily performance at the new one. I don’t know if our old “friend” from the past residence followed us or if this was a whole new ballgame. Whatever the case, weirdness definitely ensued.

My mom was gone for the day, and I was downstairs watching “Hook,” with my new boyfriend. The movie blared through the speakers and the fights echoed from the surround sound speakers. After the movie left us in silence we discovered we were not alone. Just like in the old house, it sounded like someone was upstairs running around right above our heads. I was used to it, he, not so much. There was a tramping around that caused such a racket that I had to go up and investigate it. 

He looked at me oddly as someone was seemingly being tackled in the bedroom upstairs. I laughed and told him it was nothing. But the distinct sound of footsteps could not be ignored. He implored me with his eyes, so I had to erect myself from the sofa to prove to him that it was, in fact nothing. Nobody was playing a joke on us, all that we’d find would be air. 

I took the steps two at a time and opened the door at the top which led into my mom’s bedroom. He crept up slowly behind me and slid up next to my side as if I’d offer some protection from our eerie counterpart. His fingers wrapped tightly around my shoulder to the point where I had to ask him to stay in the hall way. The crashes from the bedroom were indescribable, but I was so used to this that I was not afraid. I opened the door and the room fell silent.

As I walked in there was nothing out of place, just as I knew there wouldn’t be. He was trembling, as he stepped over the divide from the safety of the hallway. He stayed there where I’d asked him to as he watched me look around. I raised my arms to his quizzical expression and shrugged. “Told ya.” I laughed out. He was not amused.

Over time small things happened, but as usual nothing bad, and the presence never felt evil or harmful in any way. It was mischievous at times though. In the living room is a small hand made glass swan on a mirror. It sat in the middle of a table, until it decided to move one day. My mom went downstairs to her swan because the mirror was now touching the wall, and so was the beak of the swan. She yelled for me, “Beth! What’s the deal?” I had no clue what she was talking about so I went into the living room to join her.

She motioned me over to the table, and we had talked of a ghost many times, so she thought I was pulling one over on her! She gestured to the swan and again said, “What’s the deal with this?” I laughed and assured her I had nothing to do with this little figure’s plight across the table. Well, she didn’t believe me, and became irritated with me. She gave up the fight, and moved the swan and mirror back to it’s rightful place.

The next morning, that little swan again decided to travel to a new piece of real estate. This pattern kept up for months. Every day we’d go down and find it in the same place with it’s shiny beak caressing the whiteness of the wall. Finally mom gave up. She stopped playing this game, and left the swan where she found it. We would check on it sometimes out of curiosity to see if the location had changed, but the only difference is that the swan itself would be moved around to face different things. Once it stopped moving altogether mom moved it back to the original spot, and it never moved again. 

Those years of living there were very odd. When I moved out on my own it increased at my mom’s house. I guess it was upset I left or something. The t.v. in my old bedroom would turn itself on and off, and it would BLARE out as loud as it could go. Mom still made up excuses for these things and blamed it on a short in the tv. She unplugged it. She also started noticing smells that would waft up from nowhere. The range was from perfume, food and finally the stench of death. 

I had some personal things occur and had to move back home. Once I came back it was like the icing on the cake. The t.v. in my room started having a mind of it’s own again, and in the middle of the night it would turn on, turn off… turn on, change through channels, increase in volume, turn off.. turn on… etc. Finally I got so frustrated I yelled out, “OK! I’m awake!! Enough already!!! Please stop, I’m trying to sleep and I have to be up early!” The t.v. shut off, and I didn’t have many problems with it again after that. 

Slowly things started calming down around the house and we even joked that our ghost must have moved out. Only about 3 other things happened after the small stuff that was pretty memorable. We had a recorder on our phone, and every time you’d pick up the phone it would start recording as soon as the dial tone was heard. Well this will tell you how dated this story is…. haha, I had just gotten home from my 3rd shift job and picked up the phone to check the messages on my PAGER…yes, I said it.. pager. 

Well on the tape you could hear all of this, but also a voice came across very distinctly that said, “I love my baby.” My mom called this to my attention again and asked if me I’d had someone with their baby over that early in the morning. When i looked at her puzzled, she showed me that. I was very unnerved, because I didn’t hear a thing when I had called to listen to my messages.

The next was on a day when my mom called me in a very frightened tone. She asked me where I was and if I was ok. I assured her I was fine and asked her what was going on. She told me that she heard someone speak in her ear as she lay in bed and it said, “Bye, Bye.” She immediately got a bad feeling and called those who were close to her. Oddly enough this is when almost everything had stopped. 

The final event is one of the most fantastic events besides seeing “Ray” that I’ve ever had. I had moved out again by this time and was leaving. I could see into the kitchen, and my mom was actually facing me. We were mid sentence when we both stopped talking. The look on her face was priceless. She turned her head as if in a movie, and I felt it too. I looked up and into the kitchen to see a man in a Flannel shirt and blue jeans. There was nothing scary or even crazy about his actions. He simply walked across the kitchen and towards the living room. 

My eyes watched & my mom’s head turned to see this adult male walk across the kitchen as if he belonged there. My mouth fell open. “YOU SAW HIM TOO!!!” she shrieked at me… “I”M NOT CRAZY!!” I stammered, “Uh… no you definitely aren’t crazy because I just saw a man walk through the kitchen.” My stepdad was in the living room watching t.v at the time, and heard us. We asked him if he’d seen the man come out of the kitchen and he looked at us like we were nuts!

It was such a neat experience, but it has left me with many questions. So, my search for knowledge continues on :) Thanks for reading. 

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Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Ouija Board

Parker Brothers - “It’s just a game, isn’t it?” 

I was at my Grandma’s house the first time I saw one of these curious boards. She had it hidden in a large armouir in the darkness of the basement. I was very young and I don’t recall why I was there to witness this event as it unfolded. She and my aunt went to the recesses of this dank space and I followed behind. I snuck down the steps and peeked around to get a glimpse of the spectacle before me. 

As my grandma opened the door the hinges gave a groan as if they knew what she was about to do. She pushed the big door open and away from her to move some blankets aside. Under the blankets was a long white rectangular box with some sort of image on the front. I couldn’t make out their softened tones or what was on the box so I had to make another swoop. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled to their turned backs. My grandma had laid the box on the floor after she removed it’s contents.

I scooted over to it and turned the lid over in my hand. I didn’t know what to make of it. There were 2 people leaned over a game type board with weird letters and some numbers and funny faces.. Oh, I was ticked! They were PLAYING a game WITHOUT ME?? I shot up from my hiding place and they both jumped and gasped in surprise when they saw my angry little face and balled up fists. 

I spat out at them, “How come your playin a game and didn’t tell me?” My bottom lip jutted out, and my Grandma cooly responded, “Beth Ann, if you don’t stick that lip back in a bird is gonna come by and shit on it!” I nervously looked into the sky, not thinking that the logic of this didn’t make a ton of sense, and sucked my lip back in. She explained, “This isn’t a game. We can talk to people with it.” Me, “Like on the telephone? Why don’t you just call them?” She laughed and so did my aunt. My aunt spoke up at this, “Because honey, they’re dead.” 

I can’t imagine the look on my face as they told me this. I was dumbfounded, and they actually did let me sit and watch. They asked questions in a hushed tone and then they pushed this pointy white thing with a glass circle across the game board. Didn’t look like much of a fun game to me. 

Years later my Grandma and I had a conversation about that day, and she went into more detail about this Ouija Board, as she called it. She pulled it out of it’s secret hiding place, and once again that day was brought to the forefront of my memory. We sat down at a small t.v. dinner table and put the board between us. My mom was watching with a small smile, maybe to see what my reaction would be. 

"Is anyone there?" My grandma asked to no one. I thought, "Ok, this is crazy…" When the the white pointy thing, now I know as the planchette, moved with our fingers on it. It slowly went to the word, YES and circled around it a few times. I dropped my fingers and immediately accused her of moving it. I was angry.. I didn’t want to be the sucker in some joke. She tried countless times to convince me that she didn’t move it, and continued to play by herself. As she played and asked questions I totally believed that she was the one who had pushed the planchette to read YES. I left her house feeling like a fool and thinking this Ouija board nonsense was for the birds. 

Fast forward to Christmas Eve a few years later… My cousin tears off the wrapping paper of one of her gifts to reveal a long rectangle box with an image of two people sitting with a board and pointy white thing between them. I groaned as she held it up. After the festivities were complete they had all of us children go down to the basement to play with our new treasures. I was in high school by this time, so didn’t consider myself a child, but the adults begged to differ. 

As we sat around the infamous board was brought out. They invited me to play and I refused… at least at first. I sat with them as they played and saw the same as I had in my grandmas basement that day as a child. The planchette wizzed across the board spelling things out and they laughed and squealed with delight at the answers they received. Finally I cracked. I had to give this another shot to see if they too were making this up like I felt my Grandma had. 

I sat down with a twisted sneer on my face with one of my cousins to play. We asked the first question, “Is anyone here with us?” and like last time it shot to the word yes, and once again circled it 3 times before stopping. I dropped my fingers again and my cousin and I exchanged, “You moved it..” “Stop moving it!” You’re moving it, I saw your fingers press down..” and so on. 

Finally after a few tries and a few hours I started to believe that WE weren’t the ones moving the planchette excitedly across this board. We asked who was here with us and it spelled out the name of our great grandmother who had passed away. We both looked at one another and felt neither of us would do this to the other as it would be a cruel joke, if so. The supposed dead great grandmother talked to us for awhile, and said things to us that only each of us would know. It was then that I started to get sort of scared about what we had in front of us. 

After that I was hooked. I started playing wherever I could find a board. Sometimes it didn’t work, but other times it would. I went from being a total skeptic to an utmost believer, and even went as far as saying it was fun. 

One night my mom and I played at our house. This was the house that I mentioned in my first post where I believe it was haunted. We took the pieces out and started the routine questions. This time was totally different, and I will never touch a board again because of it. When we asked the name of who we were talking to it spelled out, B-E-L-I-A-L. So we started to ask Mr. Belial the normal light hearted questions, and it got real scary from there. 

We asked, ” How did you die?” The response came back, “N-O-T-D-E-A-D.” We sorta chuckled at that, and the board started to almost react to us laughing. It started moving the planchette erratically all over the board and spelled out, “Y-O-U F-U-C-K-I-N-G R-O-T.” We looked at each other somewhat confused.. Again it started, “Y-O-U W-I-L-L D-I-E A-N-D G-O T-O H-E-L-L” We got a little unnerved and I said maybe we should stop playing. The planchette rushed to the word NO and started again, “D-I-E” “B-E-E-L-Z-E-B-U-B I-S H-E-R-E” and the planchette went so crazy it flew off the board and onto the floor. 

With that my mom and I closed the board, picked up the planchette and put the lid on top. We didn’t say a word to each other, and we’ve never spoke of it again. I promptly gave the box back to it’s rightful owner and as I said, will NEVER play on another board again. I don’t think that the board has any magical powers or anything, but I do believe we can channel ghosts good or bad and that the board is maybe just a concentrated area in which we allow a spirit to come through. I just don’t know why a game company would put something like this out there and label it as a game. I used to try to research some of these so called ghosts for any validity, but the internet wasn’t as common and I didn’t keep record of the names and reason for death etc. 

Now, I know you may say I’m crazy, or that someone was moving the planchette, but I can tell you.. No, I’m not crazy, and I don’t believe anyone ever moved the planchette. Some people say it’s never worked for them, and like I mentioned above.. there were times I played and it didn’t work for me either. Maybe it really is only a game, and the subconscience moves the piece over the board and creates the conversations, and maybe years ago I would have believed that too. But after trying it and playing many many times, I don’t think that’s the case anymore and it scared me enough to convince me! I’ve heard stories from people about some crazy stuff, but I don’t know the validity in those stories. I wasn’t there, but anything I tell you in my blog is my truth. 

Hope you enjoyed :) Thanks for reading!

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