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Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Ouija Board

Parker Brothers - “It’s just a game, isn’t it?” 

I was at my Grandma’s house the first time I saw one of these curious boards. She had it hidden in a large armouir in the darkness of the basement. I was very young and I don’t recall why I was there to witness this event as it unfolded. She and my aunt went to the recesses of this dank space and I followed behind. I snuck down the steps and peeked around to get a glimpse of the spectacle before me. 

As my grandma opened the door the hinges gave a groan as if they knew what she was about to do. She pushed the big door open and away from her to move some blankets aside. Under the blankets was a long white rectangular box with some sort of image on the front. I couldn’t make out their softened tones or what was on the box so I had to make another swoop. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled to their turned backs. My grandma had laid the box on the floor after she removed it’s contents.

I scooted over to it and turned the lid over in my hand. I didn’t know what to make of it. There were 2 people leaned over a game type board with weird letters and some numbers and funny faces.. Oh, I was ticked! They were PLAYING a game WITHOUT ME?? I shot up from my hiding place and they both jumped and gasped in surprise when they saw my angry little face and balled up fists. 

I spat out at them, “How come your playin a game and didn’t tell me?” My bottom lip jutted out, and my Grandma cooly responded, “Beth Ann, if you don’t stick that lip back in a bird is gonna come by and shit on it!” I nervously looked into the sky, not thinking that the logic of this didn’t make a ton of sense, and sucked my lip back in. She explained, “This isn’t a game. We can talk to people with it.” Me, “Like on the telephone? Why don’t you just call them?” She laughed and so did my aunt. My aunt spoke up at this, “Because honey, they’re dead.” 

I can’t imagine the look on my face as they told me this. I was dumbfounded, and they actually did let me sit and watch. They asked questions in a hushed tone and then they pushed this pointy white thing with a glass circle across the game board. Didn’t look like much of a fun game to me. 

Years later my Grandma and I had a conversation about that day, and she went into more detail about this Ouija Board, as she called it. She pulled it out of it’s secret hiding place, and once again that day was brought to the forefront of my memory. We sat down at a small t.v. dinner table and put the board between us. My mom was watching with a small smile, maybe to see what my reaction would be. 

"Is anyone there?" My grandma asked to no one. I thought, "Ok, this is crazy…" When the the white pointy thing, now I know as the planchette, moved with our fingers on it. It slowly went to the word, YES and circled around it a few times. I dropped my fingers and immediately accused her of moving it. I was angry.. I didn’t want to be the sucker in some joke. She tried countless times to convince me that she didn’t move it, and continued to play by herself. As she played and asked questions I totally believed that she was the one who had pushed the planchette to read YES. I left her house feeling like a fool and thinking this Ouija board nonsense was for the birds. 

Fast forward to Christmas Eve a few years later… My cousin tears off the wrapping paper of one of her gifts to reveal a long rectangle box with an image of two people sitting with a board and pointy white thing between them. I groaned as she held it up. After the festivities were complete they had all of us children go down to the basement to play with our new treasures. I was in high school by this time, so didn’t consider myself a child, but the adults begged to differ. 

As we sat around the infamous board was brought out. They invited me to play and I refused… at least at first. I sat with them as they played and saw the same as I had in my grandmas basement that day as a child. The planchette wizzed across the board spelling things out and they laughed and squealed with delight at the answers they received. Finally I cracked. I had to give this another shot to see if they too were making this up like I felt my Grandma had. 

I sat down with a twisted sneer on my face with one of my cousins to play. We asked the first question, “Is anyone here with us?” and like last time it shot to the word yes, and once again circled it 3 times before stopping. I dropped my fingers again and my cousin and I exchanged, “You moved it..” “Stop moving it!” You’re moving it, I saw your fingers press down..” and so on. 

Finally after a few tries and a few hours I started to believe that WE weren’t the ones moving the planchette excitedly across this board. We asked who was here with us and it spelled out the name of our great grandmother who had passed away. We both looked at one another and felt neither of us would do this to the other as it would be a cruel joke, if so. The supposed dead great grandmother talked to us for awhile, and said things to us that only each of us would know. It was then that I started to get sort of scared about what we had in front of us. 

After that I was hooked. I started playing wherever I could find a board. Sometimes it didn’t work, but other times it would. I went from being a total skeptic to an utmost believer, and even went as far as saying it was fun. 

One night my mom and I played at our house. This was the house that I mentioned in my first post where I believe it was haunted. We took the pieces out and started the routine questions. This time was totally different, and I will never touch a board again because of it. When we asked the name of who we were talking to it spelled out, B-E-L-I-A-L. So we started to ask Mr. Belial the normal light hearted questions, and it got real scary from there. 

We asked, ” How did you die?” The response came back, “N-O-T-D-E-A-D.” We sorta chuckled at that, and the board started to almost react to us laughing. It started moving the planchette erratically all over the board and spelled out, “Y-O-U F-U-C-K-I-N-G R-O-T.” We looked at each other somewhat confused.. Again it started, “Y-O-U W-I-L-L D-I-E A-N-D G-O T-O H-E-L-L” We got a little unnerved and I said maybe we should stop playing. The planchette rushed to the word NO and started again, “D-I-E” “B-E-E-L-Z-E-B-U-B I-S H-E-R-E” and the planchette went so crazy it flew off the board and onto the floor. 

With that my mom and I closed the board, picked up the planchette and put the lid on top. We didn’t say a word to each other, and we’ve never spoke of it again. I promptly gave the box back to it’s rightful owner and as I said, will NEVER play on another board again. I don’t think that the board has any magical powers or anything, but I do believe we can channel ghosts good or bad and that the board is maybe just a concentrated area in which we allow a spirit to come through. I just don’t know why a game company would put something like this out there and label it as a game. I used to try to research some of these so called ghosts for any validity, but the internet wasn’t as common and I didn’t keep record of the names and reason for death etc. 

Now, I know you may say I’m crazy, or that someone was moving the planchette, but I can tell you.. No, I’m not crazy, and I don’t believe anyone ever moved the planchette. Some people say it’s never worked for them, and like I mentioned above.. there were times I played and it didn’t work for me either. Maybe it really is only a game, and the subconscience moves the piece over the board and creates the conversations, and maybe years ago I would have believed that too. But after trying it and playing many many times, I don’t think that’s the case anymore and it scared me enough to convince me! I’ve heard stories from people about some crazy stuff, but I don’t know the validity in those stories. I wasn’t there, but anything I tell you in my blog is my truth. 

Hope you enjoyed :) Thanks for reading!

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