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The birth of Para-Adventures!!!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been awhile since my last post. But I didn’t leave so long without reason. I have finally decided to start the company that I dream about even when I’m awake. When I talk about it, I can feel the adrenaline surge through my body from the excitement. I tell everyone whether they want to hear it or not… sorry… but get used to it. :) 

What is this super awesome idea that you speak of Beth?? Well, I have combined my love for travel and the paranormal. Para-Adventures is going to be a shot for those who’ve always wanted to tour the places they see on t.v. I will get my groups into the places for a private tour. Transportation and sometimes, depending on how far away, accommodations, will always be included in the cost of the tickets.

I’ve toured a few places and I can tell you first hand I am excited for you to see these places but also myself as well. You see, most of the spots that we will go to do not let you wander off alone. They keep you in a large group to explore a place section by section. Well, in my book that’s not what ghost hunting is all about! It’s pretty difficult to get an accurate EVP if there are 100 other people in the room with you. Sorta takes the wind out of your sails. I will tell you about the history on the way to the place we are exploring, and then you’re on your own! I will always provide the info on what to bring, how to dress, etc.

Although the company is in it’s infancy, I have the first trip planned! We will be heading to The Mansfield Reformatory! I have been to this beautiful building and it is absolutely breathtaking. I posted a blog a little while back with more detailed information on the facility. I will update soon with the date and the price!! But get ready and let me know if you have an interest in going. Great things are coming so keep your eyes open! Please spread the word… Whoever signs up the most people will get to go for FREE!! (There is a minimum of 5 people.. to get the free trip.)